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Coil reel deformation is caused by what

in the process of rolling, often will experience volume out of the middle of the cylinder, two small environment, namely, barrel-shaped (drums) variants. Dealing with similar material performance sheet, plate width size (configured along the length-biased size) is big, the rolling tube diameter is smaller, more easily bred variants mentioned above.

5M higher when the plate width size (usually this kind of environment is the first flat-welding and rolling), barrel distortion will be more obvious. Come to the deformation of welding or internal device of great inconvenience, if the distortion is too big, must be resolved on the workpiece holding plastic brilliant fulfills processes of the back, but the kind of deformation of the plastic is very difficult. To try out plastic, disposable cylinder of rolled out, you must parse the produce the kind of deformation of the EES, and to take appropriate steps to guard or supplement and elimination.

gave birth to produced barrels-like deformation of sake original by
volume Board machine in things process in the, Shang roll down pressure, 2 side roll rotating (against 4 roll volume Board machine, is is Shang roll rotating, Shang roll, and Xia roll clip tight plate, 2 side roll oblique to rose pressure), makes plate around Shang roll produced continuous bent, to volume business out by requirements radius of tube body.
according to the machine's layout, you can roll in the process of its environment as a simply supported beam analysis of. Generally speaking, rolling machine rolls on thick, rigid good, under lateral roll or roll slightly thin, rigid than roll on. If volume Board Shi Shang roll of Xia pressure too big, and side roll of rigid enough Shi, on will makes roll in volume business tube body of process in the produced deformation and appeared Flex, especially against roll more long of volume Board machine (like high out 5M), dang pressure tight force and volume Board force near configuration limit skills Shi its roll more easy appeared this species deformation, this makes volume Board machine Shang, and Xia roll Zhijian along length bias of clearance size not uniform, middle parts clearance big, ends clearance small, to caused roll ends on plate of pressure tight force big, Middle pressure tight force small of environment, Rolling shell plates along the roller length is up to the same level when uneven force, stress-strain does not make the Center tube bending radii and form a barrel.

against has similar material performance of in the sheet, dang Board thick and volume business of tube body diameter similar and Board wide size more big or Board thick and Board wide size similar and volume business of tube body diameter more hours, by needed pressure tight force and volume Board force also on more big, roll deformation gave birth to produced of deflection also more big, so, plate along roll length partial up of the points of by force size differences also more big, barrels-like deformation also more obviously. If the drum sheet width above 5M and the rolling tube diameter is smaller than the force (less than ≪1000mm), then there will be obvious when the volume of the cylinder barrel distortion.