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Shear blades for cutting materials physical properties required

shearing machine shear material textures vary widely, and the temperature of the material is not the same. High temperature hot-rolled sheet hot-rolled plate if necessary shears cut time, is the true test of shearing machine blade red hardness and wear resistance of the time. Small shear, high temperature hot-plate temperature and thickness are a test of shear blades.

temperature. Temperature here is for the shear material temperature differences in material shearing machine blade limits of tolerance to temperature differences as far as possible many of the shearing machine blade material has a strong heat-resistant ability, but limited its scope, if processed materials in high temperature shear blades can limit, damaging to the blade.

thickness. Thickness of processed sheet shearing machine blade is very provocative, and the thickness of the blade's hardness requirements also vary. Shears blades high hardness, high temperature plate shear blades easily collapse when damaged.