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Shear plate processing procedures described

scope this standard is applicable to a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals of linear distortion at the edge of the cut and other similar material.
the material being cut maximum width of 2500 mm, thickness of carbon steel plate 3-10MM, stainless steel plate thickness 3-8mm, aluminum 3-8mm thick.
materials for hot-rolled steel sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, and so on, do not allow surface scratches, deformation, scarring, obvious defects such as cracks, inclusions, corrosion, zinc coating on galvanized material surface damage is not allowed.
3. operating procedures
(1), bulk material: picking → transferred to the machine tools ' → open → test → adjust → check the debugging dimensions under the tightened position → → → → test → test → transport → transport → stamping bending under transport operations → → → test sign.
(2) material: picking → transport → open → test of machine tools to machine tool knives, → line → → test → test → → transport → bend under transport operations → sign.
(3) equipped with feeding: picking → transport → open → test of machine tools to machine tool knives making → as measured under dash → → → test → test → → transport → bend under transport operations → sign.
4. equipment and process equipment, tools
shears (theory of shear panel thickness maximum 13mm, actual operations require shearing thickness of hot-rolled steel sheet, galvanized plate, Max 8mm, Max 6mm stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, to ensure cutting precision, reduce distortion).
5. process process
(1) first with plate feet volume out edge and block material Board ends Zhijian of distance (by process card of provides), repeatedly measurement number times, then first try cut a small material check size right or not, as size tolerance in provides range within, can for into material shear, as not meet tolerance requirements, should again adjustment positioning distance, until meet provides requirements weizhi. And vertical bezel adjustment, longitudinal and transverse plate or blade at 90 ° and tighten firmly.
(2) driving test cutting feed should pay attention to the perpendicular to the edge of the sheet.
(3) auxiliary personnel should fit in, in the process to check at any time point sizes, burrs, and get in touch with operators.
(4) cut a semi-finished or finished products with a marking pen (marker) identification (identification, asking to see identification), neatly stacked according to different specifications, do not loose to prevent specification mixing materials and compressive deformation.
(5) in order to reduce blade wear, steel panels and countertops should be kept clean, shearing machine bed to place tools and other materials is strictly prohibited.
(6) cut width of plank shall not >20mm, cutting the lath slats is required processes, tools (rubber, wood or aluminium) hammer, use hammer to surface protection.
6. process
(1) according to the method of jacking blanking production batch to take reasonable, down aniseed, after feeding, to maximize the utilization of the material.
(2) parts for bends or feed grain requirements, it should follow its stripes, cropped to the rolling exhibition.
(3) cutting Burr height: control in 0.1mm and is not easy to fall off; to not hang up gloves, not to hurt the bare hand.
(4) turning processing parts by welding in welding workshop workshop Burr grinding to qualified, go paint and Assembly machining burrs by grinding sheet metal workshop to qualified transfer processes, Burr artifacts are not allowed in spraying occurs during processing and Assembly workshop repair again.
(5), plate cutting, the drawing requirements, cut end should be flat without tearing and deformation phenomena, sheet metal shear cutting corners should ensure a 90 degree, shall be removed after the plate cutting burrs, Burr height is less than 0.1mm.
(6) parts after cutting to be transmitted to the next procedure, referred to under the head of operations in the order of the number of parts rear for receipt of confirmation, this part is finished.
7. safety and precautions
(1) to comply with strict rules and wear PPE provided.
(2) in the course of operation, spirit should be focused on feeding is prohibited within reaches into his plate.
(3) after you cut the bezel and remove the bezel must be machined lengthwise, straight shape.
(4), adjust the blade or replace the cutter, you must cut off the power supply.
(5) cutting thickness does not exceed the device thickness of materials, shears on the weld material cannot be cut. If edge is obtuse to change blades, you must cut off the power supply to install replacement, adjust the blade, first with planks or other backing plate pad good blade to prevent missed accidents, operation often stop blade, tighten the screw and position the bezel is loose and shifted.
(6) transmission parts of the machine should have a protection device.
(7) must all take off the machine before starting the machine tools, measuring tools and other objects.
(8) operators should always check for loose blade screws.
(9) quantities of material, should always check the position of the dimensions is moved, workpiece dimensions to change (or changes) and adjusted in a timely manner. BACK