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Shearing machine and the blade failure?

1. power on led light, motor does not start. Power supply missing phase or primary virtual connection and the line of control. Repair and total power and control lines stop button.
2. skin with thin or thick. Knives high or low knife, knife slit with knife change is inconsistent, wood-male and female. Reference chart adjusting knife height adjustable, adjust the tool joints and gears, replacing wood.
3. automatic feed on a normal peeling, when stopped. Feed circuit virtual connection; electromagnetic clutch slip, knife too high; maintenance feed line is virtual connection; wash with petrol or diesel clutch disk and adjust the blade height.
4. skin after thick thin before. Knives, knife slit too small. Light adjustable figure, adjust the blade height and tool joints.
5. hit the back limit switch not automatically retract. Travel switch and retract control circuit. Replace limit switch and repair lines.
6. automatic retract when, after you hit the limit switch fails to stop always stop button does not work. Retract sintering without releasing the contact point. Grinding contact, replace the contactor.
7. skin cross sectional thickness is not uniform. Blade deflection, cutter gap is inconsistent. Grinding again, adjust the knife slot.
8. skin connect error. Knives high or low, knife-slit with knife hanging round mismatch, male and female. Adjust the blade height, knife-slit with knife change, replace the wood.
9. fine fried when the wooden shaft axis. Knife high feed pressure. Drop the knife, adjust the gear, knives making sewing.
10. wood shaft when stopping. Feed pressure, knife slit. Adjust the blade height and knives making sewing.
11. wood shaft square shaft. High knife, knife-slit or knife. Adjust the blade height and knives making sewing.
12. wood shaft weights on both ends do not match. Knives making sewing small knives were inconsistent with both ends of the twin-roll distance. Adjust knives making sewing, screws loosen the knife, knife and both ends of the twin-roll distance adjustment, then carried after a spline set of unplugged, curved panels are close to the knife shaft installed, press the knife screws.
13. skin uneven. Blade deflection, single and double roll is not straight. Sharpening, correcting single and double roll straight.
14. face plate is not smooth. The knife is not sharp. Knife Sharpener.
15. automatic feeding. Feed circuit; transformers damaged; rectifier block damage fuse circuit breaker; electro-magnetic clutch circuit breaker. Check fix feed lines; checking line on 380V, action 24-26V as normal, not normal maintenance replacement. BACK