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Shearing machine prices according to the primary source configuration

shearing machine prices according to the main sources of configuration and known manufacturers:

1, hydraulic system: the Shanghai liquid hydraulic component manufacture Co Ltd

2, electrical components: selection of Omron limited

3, button: selection of Xian machine tool electrical apparatus factory

4, oil pump: the Shanghai Shen-Fu injection pump plant

5, Transformers: the Wuxi Huang machine tool electrical apparatus factory

6, cylinder: selection of Nantong city, Jiangsu red hydraulic component factory

7, sealing ring: import (Japan)

8, numerical control systems use; Eston E20 cutting machine system

9, backgauge ball screw selection: importing Taiwan company won more configurations according to the type of
different and customers ' requirements to the development, the shears when the price is not the same.