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Jiangxi all Cheng cut Board machine limited is located in Jiangxi province Nanchang zone, main production cut Board machine, and hydraulic cut Board machine, and NC cut Board machine, and cut Board machine blade, and automatically cut Board machine, and electric cut Board machine, and manual cut Board machine, and foot cut Board machine, and mechanical cut Board machine, and hydraulic pendulum type cut Board machine, and gate type cut Board machine, and hydraulic machine (hydraulic machine), and cut Board machine, and folding bent machine, and billet cut broken machine, and open school flat line,, company created Yu Shang century 70 generation, accounted for to area more than 70,000 more square meters, registered capital 3 million dollars, Fixed assets of 50 million Yuan, the existing staff of more than 300 people, with sales offices in more than more than 30 cities, has a domestic market share; produced by rolling machine, hydraulic machine, cutting machine exported to Europe and many countries in Southeast Asia, well received by users. Scientific management, sophisticated technology, reliable quality, broad market, making it a pillar of industry enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

for many years, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang, General Manager, adhere to the integrity, efficiency, and satisfaction, win-win situation for the service concept, people-oriented, customer-oriented, sustainable development philosophy. Has was "national high-tech enterprise" "provincial heavy contract and trustworthy with enterprise", and "focus growth enterprise", and "industrial growth type Enterprise" "technology progress" "Science advanced units" "Jiangsu Province top ten integrity enterprise" "funding letter AAA enterprise" "Nantong well-known trademark", and "China enterprise certification system model units" through ISO9001 quality system certification, export products license, products export proprietary right. Products sold throughout the world, well received by users.

company has strong technology base, and excellent technical equipment, with the most advanced 12-meter CNC floor boring and milling machine, 20 meter gantry machining center, CNC plasma cutting machine, horizontal boring and milling machine, all kinds of drills, planers, lathes, milling machines, saws, grinders, welding machines, grinders and other processing equipment. Has developed a billet shearing machine, hydraulic presses and other equipment. In the Granville heavy workers design production of big tonnage NC folding bent machine, various shear 8-12 meters Board long of King type shear machine, and the W11STNC-150X3000 large volume Board machine and large ship with volume Board machine, in the Board school flat shear line, and hydraulic machine, and hydraulic machine also have occupation has both at home and abroad heavy machine market, by both at home and abroad user of consistent praise

scientific management, and democratic decision, and efficient run is Jiangsu in the Granville heavy workers has always insisted of management approach. Zhongwei heavy industry in recent years to target efforts to build modern enterprise, establish and improve the scientific leadership mechanisms compatible with the modern enterprise system and organization system. Branches of the company under the leadership of the Board of Directors in accordance with the articles of incorporation of accurate positioning, pressure on yourself and perform its function, and better play their active role in the production and operation, at the company formed the catch levels, level responsible for the level of effect mechanism.