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Project case

This project is a modern apartment block, 28, of which 2 floors underground, 26 floors above ground. 1~3 for mixed commercial and residential, 4~26 is entirely residential, a total of 126 houses.
1. Equipment selection according to the requirements of party a, combined with the specific circumstances of the project, selected Japan NEC video intercom system.
the video intercom system with many features: design planning
•. system platform integrity, can be expanded to comply with any demand for buildings and community systems;
b. digital modular design, simple and clear, easy to plan and expand.
• construction installation aspects
a. from beginning to end four core line added a root video line, thread easy;
b. from indoor machine, and door machine to all around equipment are provides wiring terminal back board;
c. indoor machine within code to number bit way set, convenient easily errors;
d. system test convenient, except wrong convenient, daily maintenance convenient.
a/> • users. Human intelligent design, adults and children can easily use;
b. community functioning easier and convenient management safe and secure;
c. digital systems architecture, future expansion easy adjustment does not affect the original usage.
2. System
-room intercom indoor radio is used indoor intercom, homeowners can see video and two-way intercom for visitors or guards. This system in the by selection of door machine has following features:
a. can automatically corresponds to to 20 a door machine, or 20 road access control;
b. can automatically corresponds to to 10 a guard machine, or 10 layer security control;
c. can two-way main/passive and any door machine or guard machine line Visual on told;
d. the households can added loaded Visual small door machine and can control the households electric by;
e. the households can added loaded indoor extension and can indoor on told; Indoor radio and can is divided into preservation type and non-preservation type, preservation type indoor machine can connection various alarm detection equipment and the alarm equipment, as infrared alarm detector, and gas leak alarm, and door magnetic switch, and emergency button, and police lamp, and alarm,, to constitute a full of intelligent home alarm network, and can through Visual on told network and Management Center or guard room connected, at any time keep close contact, to give heads maximum of security.
/> • door machine door's role is to: recording the images of visitors and through the signal cable households or guards assigned to the end. Door features of this system are:
a. suitable for multiple entry/building entrance/Gatehouse or within the community, security for residents or visitors.
b. door machine on households indoor machine call used 1 to 7 number coding, can according to district within door,, and floor don't, and room don't into, directly call, and operation convenient not needed table;
c. door machine can set paging range, convenient district within multiple access security control;
d. visitors can Yu any door machine Shang single key straight call guard;
e. number bit type system expanded convenient, favourable community planning.

Relay box relay box is used the machine at the door of video recording of sound and image distribution amplifier, transmitted to the tenants or the guards ' room. This system selection of relay box its features is:
a. each Taiwan relay box can distribution connection 4 Taiwan Visual indoor radio;
b. relay box provides all wiring Terminal and image processing distribution zoom function;
c. relay box provides on alternate battery charging circuit and the automatically switch function;
d. used Exchange type power supply device output stable and has overload automatically protection function.
3. Machine 2 sets and equipment distribution and the number of projects with the door, room 127.
a ... the guard room: set 1 video intercom door machine, indoor unit 1, alarm 1, alarm printers 1. Usually, the guard can easily talk with visitors and tenants at any time, when tenants are not at home, if an alarm occurs, adventure sensor alarm alarm alarm handling alarms, alarm printers to automatically print, the Guard handled it on time, so as to achieve the aim of round-the-clock surveillance apartment security.
b. Gates: electric control door at the entrance to an apartment design, electric control door electromagnetic lock, automatic door closers, video intercom door machine door button on the machine to achieve the visitors headed calls calls or visitors and between the guard and the guard.
c. bedroom: each family homes within the social security type indoor unit 1, 126, 1 separate infrared alarm detector, gas leak alarm 1, magnetic switch 2. Indoor unit on the monitor screen and phone, by monitoring the screen heads can see visitors and two-way intercom through phone. After the confirmation of a visitor, head through the open door button on the indoor unit flat e goalkeeper visitors into through indoor unit heads are to contact security. When a situation occurs through the line alarm information can be transmitted in a timely manner to the guard room, to guard the timely processing, to reduce losses to a minimum.
4. Economic analysis now, high-end residential of each square meters price has up to 3500-5000 Yuan Yuan, we to a 80 square meters, and each square meters price for Yuan 4000 Yuan of residential for cases, the residential price for Yuan 320,000 yuan, and the households of Visual on told system equipment investment just for Yuan 2200 Yuan around, insufficient the residential price of 1%, but, installation has Visual on told system Hou, not only improve has residential of grade, also improve has households of security, residential also more easy sales.