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Hydraulic plate bending machine maintenance procedures

hydraulic plate bending machine maintenance procedures:

1 provisions, according to the lubrication diagram of the machine, wire drawing machines according to the requirements of the oil glass lubrication and artificial lubrication point for refueling.

2, according to the hydraulic bending machine for bending machine provides parameters for coil, coil thickness 20mm, length 2500mm, sheet material yield limit is less than 250Mpa.

3, power up, a wire drawing machine with roller roller sports and along the positive and negative directions, check the movements are normal card dead.

4, strictly according to the hydraulic plate bending machine processing procedures and operating methods, on the roller to the limit position, to pay great attention to the safe operation of the equipment.

5, when the main drive down, can be carried out on rollers lifting, dumping of wire drawing machine flip bearings on reduction and roll up.

6, in the process, if found to have an irregular noise, shock and other anomalies, should immediately stop checking.

7, every officer in the operations coordination, follow the coil head's orders, without a password, ban to start the machine.

8, hydraulic plate bending machine operation should be careful when hand was steel and steel together into.

9, with driving when lifting plates or reels, be careful not to collide and drawing machine.

hydraulic plate bending machine after the work is finished, the material site clearance, and equipment maintenance work, turn off the power.

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