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Bending machine usage

According to conventional hydraulic press brake processing Q235 sheet to make a brief introduction:
1, first of all is plugged in, turn the key switch in the Control Panel, press the pump starts again, so you hear the pump turn the sound up. (When the machine is not)
2, stroke adjustment, bending machine must be pay attention to adjust the stroke, must test before bending. Bend-die down to a thickness of the bottom must be guaranteed when there is a gap. Otherwise it will die, and machines were damaged. Stroke rapid adjustment adjustment is electric and gastric adjustable manually.
3, bend the slot selection, to select a thickness of 8 times the width of the notch. Bending 4mm sheet, choose about 32 slot.
4, backgauge adjustment generally have the power to quickly adjust and manual fine tuning methods with the shears.
5, step on the foot pedal start bending, bending and shearing machines, ready to release, release the foot brake to stop, step on the continued downward.