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Three wheel clamping plate shearing machine

1. three wheel clamp hydraulic shearing machine guideway in the form of superiority. Improve the quality of hydraulic shearing machine shear. Cutting quality depend in large degree blade gap stability and accuracy. When cutting, the Guide clearance of bump directly affect the quality of shearing machine shear, effectively eliminate the Guide clearance can ensure that hydraulic shears cutting quality.

2. shear Rails less heat to improve cut journey times. Because of the rolling friction instead of sliding friction, Rails calorific value of obviously obsolete. Grow from a shearing machine, especially small shearing machine more quickly, and the emergence of rolling guide will provide high speed shearing machine with a vast growth prospects.

3. improve the life of hydraulic shearing machine guideway. Rolling guide as compared to cast iron sliding friction environment will be greatly improved, thus greatly improving the hydraulic shearing machine guideway using life.

4. plate shearing machine manufacturing and maintenance of good technology. With sliding guide than force, rolling guideway layout can save them a lot of scraping and other heavy physical work, makes the maintenance more convenient, cost of production in favour of low shearing machine.

5. hydraulic shearing machine blade gap mediation more convenient. Because of the rolling guide just turn on each shaft can reach conciliation shearing machine blade clearance purposes, can realize the automatic locking, quick adjust gap, directly indicates the clearance value of voluminous, Kang Hai machine to analyzing your three wheel clamp hydraulic shearing machine in the form of the superiority of rail. Hydraulic shearing machine are greatly increased.