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Shearing machine operation standard

&Nbsp;      shearing machine securely fastened to the Foundation, foundation bolts locking nuts may not be loosened. Holder moves up and down smoothly. Hydraulic shearing machine, the upper blade holder (or slider) within the required range without crawling vibration, stagnation, and obvious shock. Binder foot shears bent devices without serious wear and cutting plate under uniform pressure. Mechanical and hydraulic shearing machine process and action sequence work properly. Shearing machine stop turret stop at the required position. Working table surface is flat and clean, no welding SCAR and oil. Supporting ball rolling flexible easy to feed. Shearing machine tool and bearing surfaces of fixed joints fit tightly. Tool is installed properly, fixing screw. Reliable locking blade clearance adjustment device, adjust bolts without sliding, accusations and focus on countertops. Knife balancing device in lock security structure and protective measures. Knife balancing device guarantees a knife to any location on the itinerary on their own balance. Document feeder gauge accuracy, adjusting, feeding easy, reliable, and complete concession bodies. Supporting device for rolling, lifting movements, such as flexible and reliable. In the process of cutting, clutch and brake interlock with each other, when the clutch, brakes should disengage clutch after undocking, on the brake, and vibration motor. Cutting machine pneumatic friction clutch and brake correctly and firmly mounted on the drive shaft and wheels and ensure order, are interlocked, sensitive and reliable compressed air leakage-free. Pneumatic motor complete wipe all parts of clutches and brakes good, flexible adjustment, function well. Pneumatic friction clutch and brake linings and disc wear and heat. Rigid clutch and band brake interlock. Brake belt contact surface is not less than the friction surface 75%. When the emergency brake, the clutch can disengage immediately, band hinge brakes and brake. Clutch and brake and manipulation mechanism combined with motor coordination, accurate and reliable. Hydraulic and lubrication system blockage, leakage-free. No leakage in the gas pipeline system. Rail lubricant oil or catching device. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, equipped with hydraulic and pneumatic suddenly disappear or for liquid and gas supply interruption protection measures and displays the reset. When oil temperature in the tank is lower than 50 ℃, continuous full load after the 24h, should be less than 60 degrees. Shearing machine hydraulic system pressure gauge should be clear, sensitive, accurate, and reliable. No pressure gauge is the prohibition of the use of seals. Impact sound of the gears smoothly and without rules. Shearing machine working noise below 90dB. Wheel securely fixed on the shaft and steady rotation. Flywheel shaft with overload clutch or other overload protection devices and sensitive, reliable. Dew gear outside the bed. Belt pulley, flywheel, clutch and other rotating parts may endanger the security guards. Cut material may fly out of position must be provided with a guard. Cutting tool and dangerous parts of the equipment must be equipped with protective measures. Shears-block protective devices such as dampers, enclosures, network to achieve the protective barrier width and width or the width of the scissors and prevent entry into the cut and pressing danger zone; for easy viewing and operation, and not easy to be the operator of arbitrary removal. Do not contact with the moving parts of machine tools. Swivel hoist shall be interlocked with the head movement of the protective barrier. Shearing machine fixed protective barrier in head or other moving parts run, may not open. Electrical equipment design, plate clear, securely. Good electrical connections, wire connector against loose measure. Vibration effects of electrical precautions. Pneumatic control system should have an emergency stop button. Start the "buttons" above the button protection ring mounted on the button in the box, besides adding Tin boxes, and locked to avoid actions of others. Shearing machine motor wiring metal protection tube full electric box door, shut tightly, clamping screw (or lock) within the range, fastening, clean, dry, all the electrical components and wiring terminals do not loose; machine tool protection ground (zero) line is good. Height from the ground above 2m set of ladders, platforms and fencing provisions accord with GB GB4053.2-83;GB4053.3-83;GB4053.4-83. Shears ladder must be interlocked with the drive shaft control measures, ladder, maintenance disconnect the main driving power. Shears brand and instructions lubrication, operating and safety signs or flags. Host tie the various accessory devices, which endanger the safety of the site, to be equipped with protective devices. BACK