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Q01 pedal shearing machine

Q01 pedal shearing machine
Q01 pedal shearing machine aesthetic appearance of novel structure, pedal spring sliding pivot fixed, its power to lighten two-thirds, aircraft equipped with blank-holder and stopper device, cutting quality is high, widely used in industrial manpower cut metal sheets cutting.
   pedal shearing machine is simple, handsome in appearance. MSC Manulife machine shearing machines-pedal shearing machine Q01-1x500, Q01-1x2500,Q01-1x2000,Q01-1x1500,Q01-1x1000,Q01-1x1300 are widely used in all kinds of sheet metal processing industry. Manulife pedal shearing machine, pedal shearing machine the fuselage used casting process, and Cr9 single chip four blades, increase the service life of pedal shearing machine.
    pedal shearing machine with sliding pivot fixed, making its operation by two-thirds, part of the pedal shearing machine is equipped with pressure feeding, cutting quality is high, and there are light weight, easy to move features, foot shears are widely used in industrial manpower cut cutting of sheet metal. Manpower cuts, reasonable structure, cutting, automatic reset, pedal-powered light freely, with cut stopper, and tap bar folding device, cutting quality: cutting, edge-aligned straight with no edges, to achieve precision shearing effect. Small plate shearing machine, pedal shearing machine has power-saving effort, precision cut, convenient, economical and practical advantages.


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